Chinese Investors interest in UK market warming up

LinkToChina releases today a number of proposals from prospective Chinese investors whose interest in investing in UK ranges from consumer goods, garments, British brands, railway manufacturing and R&D, commercial properties, property management, machineries and construction equipment.

In the Issue 4 of the UK China Business Bulletin (China opportunities), proposals 23-35 encompass a wide range of business interest and propositions including partnership in import and export, technology cooperation, investment opportunities in both China and UK.  Many Chinese companies are seeking to import from the UK for items such as spectrum analyser, radio signal receiver, equipment for graphite mining and processing, etc.

The industrial sectors covered by the proposal include consumer products, mining, railway, property, mechanical and electric engineering, construction, energy, automotive, and electronics.

LinkToChina is organising the UK delegation to Beijing in April for the Investing in UK Seminar and the China Enterprise Outbound Investment Conference. British local authorities and businesses who match the inward investment proposals will be able to take part in the promotion programme.

The full list of proposal 23-35 are on this website under UK Projects. Contact details of individual Chinese companies can be obtained from LinkToChina.

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