Chinese Minister Counsellor for Economy and Trade to Speak at UK-China Business Conference

The 300 British and Chinese delegates attending the Conference on 17th September in Slough will have the opportunity to listen to one the most sought-after speakers on the subject of Chinese economy and UK-China trade.

Mr. Zhou Xiaoming from the Chinese Embassy in London, who heads up the Economy and Trade Office for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, is a confirmed keynote speaker at the opening Forum of the UK-China SME Week.

An authoritative and enthusiastic champion of UK-China friendship and economic ties, Mr. Zhou recently commented that UK-China trade in goods reached the historical height of $58.7 billion. Mr. Zhou believes that Chinese companies are increasing looking to British companies for cooperation in finance, information and technologies. On investing in UK, he wrote: “In 2011, Chinese investment (excluding investment through financial service products) in the UK reached the accumulative total of $23 billion and half of that was invested during the year”.

In his preface for the special publication ‘How To Do Business in the UK – A Practical Guide’, Mr. Zhou is positive on the prospect of more UK-China business partnerships: “Through the combined effort and tireless nurturing of the people of the UK and China, the relationship between UK and China has entered a new stage of maturity, stability and full development, future cooperation between the businesses of the two countries will be closer and deeper”.

This year the UK and China celebrate the 40th anniversary of ambassadorial diplomatic relations.

For more information on the UK-China SME Week please visit the LinkToChina website.

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2 Responses to Chinese Minister Counsellor for Economy and Trade to Speak at UK-China Business Conference

  1. Excellent initiative – many forward looking UK based businesses are opening up trade-links with China now – and doing very well. I look forward to the event.

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