Chinese Aviation Industry Seek Cooperation with the UK

The national hub of Chinese aerospace and aviation manufacturing and R&D — the China Aviation Industry Base (CAIB) and National Aviation Hi-Tech Industry Base in the City of Xi’an, will visit the UK next week.

A group of senior officials from their Economic and Development Bureau and International Cooperation Bureau will hold talks with BCC LinkToChina and its members. This follows a recent visit by LinkToChina to Xian.

The City of Xian boasts the title of the 3rd largest R&D city in China and is a leading hub of high-tech industries in the world, with South Korean multinational electronics company Samsung announcing in April this year that it is going to establish a memory chip plant in Xi’an with an investment of $7 billion.

According to Xinhua, the plant that will be built will manufacture more than 100,000 memory chips per month after it goes into operation at the end of coming year.

The company has chosen this stunning city in China as the new plant site because Xian has lucrative infrastructure, outstanding public services and abundant workers, according to a Samsung spokesperson.

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