World largest manufacturer of sewing machinery will speak at the LinkToChina conference

Mr. Qiu Jibao, President of the China Feiyue Group Co.; Ltd (, has accepted an invitation to attend and speak at the UK China Business Conference .

As the Vice-chairman of China Chamber of International Commerce, Mr. Qiu will be leading the largest delegation from CCPIT and CCOIC for the conference.

Founded in 1986, Feiyue Group has grown from a small workshop of few manual labourers to world-class manufacturer of sewing machineries and equipment.  It has 50 ranges of 500 different products with a capacity of producing 5 million a year.  Some of its products has reached 50% of the global market share and 70% of domestic market share.

Proudly claiming itself as the pacemaker of the industry, the company invest heavily in R&D and own more than 300 patents.

The company is embarking on a global expansion and has established over 1000 distributors around the world, supported by twenty-two sale subsidiaries domestically and eighteen overseas subsidiaries.

It has worked with USA and Germany in leading technologies for the textile machineries and is seeking opportunities to work with the UK.

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