Environment-friendly Oil-spill Clean-up Technology Seek Chinese Partner

Environment-friendly Oil-Spill Clean-up Technology (Land, Water, and Sea)

We are the sole agent and global representative excluding US and Russia., or this unique, innovative and green range of products to industry, Governments and end users.

An environmental emergency response service specifically for oil-spill clean-up on land or water. This product remediates and cleans up contaminated soil, ground water and sea.

Made from natural bacteria and used to break-down oil (hydrocarbons) leaving only non-toxic fatty proteins (able to be used for fish food). They are not genetically engineered products.

The range is used in the US and Russia for both smaller areas such as petrol forecourts to major sea oil-spills.

We invite a Chinese partner to explore the potential of the new technology both in China, UK, Europe and other markets.

Clean-up of contaminated areas is a major industry. Green clean-up methods are in increasing demand. Our products are new, green and safe. The remediation and environmental clean-up services industry will growth due to demand from construction and development companies. Governments’ are under increased pressure for both green technologies and environmental clean-up solutions.

Remediation and Environmental Clean-up Industry Companies, ideally already with a suitable workforce, clean-up equipment and clean-up contracts in place or an Industry Consultant seeking to represent us in China.

A Government body that would seek to introduce this green solution into their region and requiring our own training and resources to fulfil the applications.

An investor who would seek to operate in the UK to provide this solution to other markets as well as China.

我们是这一技术或这一系列独特, 面向产业、政府和最终用户的创新性绿色产品的,除美国和俄罗斯以外的全球独家代理。
我们寻求的合作方: 已经具备了合格的技术人员和清洁设备、有承办清理合同经验的;中国产品代理; 环境修复与清理工业公司; 愿意将这一绿色解决方案引入当地以及需要我们提供培训和资源以满足实施要求的政府机构; 愿意在英国开展业务向中国和其他市场提供这一解决方案的投资者.

Contact: BCC LinkToChina

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