Top Chinese University ties business link with BCC LinkToChina

LinkToChina and Sun Yat-Sen University

LinkToChina and Sun Yat-Sen University

On Monday, a delegation from Sun Yat-sen University of Guangdong, China, visited the head office of BCC LinkToChina and met with a group of strategic partners, including Robert Anderson, Ruth Bagley, Sohail Munawar – respectively Council Leader, Chief Executive and Cabinet Member of Slough Borough Council and Victor Nicholls, Assistant Chief Executive of Bracknell Forest Council.

Led by Professor Ping Li, Vice-President, the group included prominent businessmen from Guangdong interested in properties, pharmaceuticals, digital technologies, retail development sectors and other investment in the UK. A number of investment opportunities have been presented to the group and they visited selected sites in the Thames Valley.

Sun Yat-sen University, ranked among the top ten Chinese universities, is named after the founding father of new China, Mr. Sun Yat-sen who led the revolution that ended the Chinese imperial rule in 1911.

Agreements have been reached for BCC LinkToChina to be the contact point for the University and their business partner for future exchanges in their cooperation with the UK.

Dr. Kegang Wu, Executive Director of BCC LinkToChina, who hosted the delegation, also helped the University to inaugurate its UK Alumni Association last week.

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