Guangdong Machinery and Equipment sectors seek opportunities in UK

Thames Valley attracts Chinese business

Guangdong businessmen in Slough

A large group of Chinese businessmen in machinery and equipment sectors visited the UK today to seek opportunities in trade and investment.

The 29 strong delegates are all bosses of privately owned businesses from the Guangdong province, where LinkToChina group and its partners campaigned in April this year to promote Thames Valley and UK.

In between the companies they cover a wide range of products and business interests including CNC, High V switch gears, elevators, moulds, grinders, diesel engine parts, sheet metal processing equipment, heating and ventilation equipment, digital-controlled equipment, CNC lathes, ceramic machineries, stone processing machines, mining machines and equipment, hydraulic cylinders and systems, machines for cutting, grinding, milling, boring, tube-cutting, bending, packing and food processing.

Earlier in the day, the group was welcome by Slough Borough Council at the HQ building of Computer Associates. The Council leader Rob Anderson and Chief Executive Ruth Bagley impressed the delegation on doing business in Slough and Thames Valley. The group also visited Slough Trading Estate and Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce.

A number of enquires and possible cooperation projects were discussed.

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