A glimpse of China’s new reform blueprint

For those who have an interest in associating with China’s economic growth, one cannot fail to notice the feverish reporting about the 3rd Plenum of the CCP Central Committee, which finished on Monday. Where does China go from here to sustain its three decades of double digit growth? How will China market policy changes and what will be the impact on UK-China trade and investment?

The Chinese leadership has since published its 5000 words summary for their blueprint on the next stage of reform.

While the detailed implications are being worked out, a quick count on the keywords may offer a glimpse what are the things to come:

Reform 59

Institution 44

Development 37

Economy 34

The party 37

Deepening (reform) 30

Socialism 28

People 23

Market 22

Innovation 11

Opening 13

Democracy 13

Fairness 11

Dr Kegang Wu, Chief China Advisor and Executive Director at BCC LinkToChina, has been invited to speak at a HSBC seminar on China Market for SME (27 November 2013) and will share his reading with the audience:



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