Chinese Propsals Seek UK Business

09.07.2012 Beijing Culture and Media Company Seek British comic publishers and copyright agents

The Beijing based company has plans to cooperate with the UK for up to 20 Chinese comic books to be published in English.

A dossier of sample pages for the Chinese comic titles is being prepared ahead of a visit by the company to the UK. The company will take part in a seminar in London as a part of the Beijing Culture and Creative Industry Seminar on 28th July together with a group of Beijing culture and creative companies. Seminar details can be found on BCC LinkToChina website.

The managing director of the company would like to discuss publication cooperation with English publishers or copyright agents who have interests in the titles.  The company is also interested to discuss with copy-right agents and publishers who are interested in having their comic work published in China.

Specific areas of work for cooperation include –

  • Comic titles from Chinese story to be published  in English
  • Smart mobile-phone comic product
  • Comic magazine e-comic book or magazine.
  • Animation and video
  • Be-spoke comic production commissioning with  Chinese comic artists
  • Exhibitions for British comic work in Chinese market.

The company was set up in 2004 as a privately-owned company specialising in copyright for the comic book trade, as well as in film and animation production. The Company has worked on copyright trade and comic projects with comic editors and comic companies in France, Italy and Germany.

From 2007 to 2011 the company exported around 90 Chinese comic books with 450,000 prints in overseas markets. It has also signed contracts and set up the collaborative relationships with over 100 comic artists, as well as exporting the copyright of the comic books from more than 40 Chinese comic artists to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and United States.

Contact details of company can be obtained from LinkToChina.

10.07.2012 China Music Valley Project Seek Partnership with UK Music Industry

 China Music Valley is designated to be the hub of music and cultural creativity by the City of Beijing.

Located in the Pinggu District of Chinese capital Beijing, it is the national production centre of violin manufacturing, one of the largest in the world.

Identifying with the booming music market in the capital city and surrounding areas, the China Music Valley project will encompass instrument manufacturing and other aspects of the music industry, including music education, a recording studio, composer’s village, music copyright exchange market, music museum, and music events.

With planning permission the infrastructural work has already begun to turn the place into a focus of the capital’s music events, featuring bands from overall the world, including the UK.

The Open-air Music Square and Lawn Music Park in recent years have staged the Beijing International Music Festival which attracted hundreds of thousands of music fans.

Pinggu, where the Valley is located, is in the suburb of Beijing well-known for its scenic views, beech fields and other tourism resources.

The China Music Valley is seeking cooperation with the British music industry and will make a presentation at the Beijing Culture and Creative Seminar in the Museum of London on Saturday, 28th July 2012. Seminar details can be found on BCC LinkToChina website.

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