UK-China Business Bulletin (Issue 4)

(23) Chinese company in Guangdong province seeks designer and manufacturer of large scale digital IC for partnership in R&D and technology cooperation

某大规模数字集成电路设计和制造商寻求R&D / 技术项目合作伙伴   201112-001

This company from a Southern Chinese province  seeks design and manufacturing technology of large scale digital IC at or smaller than 0.18 micron, analogue IC and digital analogue IC at or smaller than 0.8 micron, SoC chip and key IP core, as well as packaging and testing technology for new type of high density IC. It also seeks equipment and design technology, specific material technology used specially for manufacturing the above-mentioned products.

(24) A  Chinese company in Guangdong province seeks a UK manufacturer of high-performance spectrum analyser

某公司寻求高性能频谱分析仪生产商   201112-002

The company is seeking a British supplier for a high-performance spectrum analyser, meeting the following specifications: displayed average noise level(DANL)≤—155dBm,third-order intermodulation(TOI)≥+17 dBm,phase noise(10kHz bias)≤—116 dBc/Hz  and Absolute amplitude accuracy≤0.24dB。

(25) Southern Chinese company seeks  high-performance radio signal receiver

某公司寻求高性能无线电信号接收机生产商  201112-003

The company is seeking a supply partnership for high-performance radio signal receiver that meets the following specifications: frequency accuracy ≤2ⅹ10ˉ8;frequency resolution≤1Hz;phase noise≤—110 dBc/Hz(bias≤20kHz);three order interception point≥20 dBm; second order interception point≥40 dBm; Spurious free dynamic range(SFDR within the range)≥90 dB.

(26) North-eastern Chinese Graphite Group seeks UK partner

石墨集团寻求合作伙伴   201112-004

The Graphite Cooperative Group, founded in 1988, is a business group that covers mining, refining, producing, packaging, trading and deep processing of graphite. It focus on energy-saving, environmental technology and technological innovation. The production in graphite includes all kinds of natural flake graphite; spherical graphite, graphite powder, expandable graphite, graphite paper, graphite sealing materials, and gangue-based hollow brick. Under the Group there are more than ten subsidiaries in. The Group’s fixed assets are around £80 million and with an annual turnover of £ 71 million. It has 1600 employees, among which are 256 managers. The Group is involved in drafting and coding of the national standard for natural flake graphite. It has made outstanding contributions to the regional economic development. The company is investing £45 million in a large scale graphite process facility which will amount to an increased capacity of 6000 tons of spherical graphite, 3000 tons of expandable graphite, 2000 tons of graphite paper, 200 tons of high grade pure graphite, and 5000 tons of recarboinziers.

It is seeking British business partners in the following areas:

1. graphene production equipment and technology.
2. diamond production technology under high pressure and high temperature.
3. spherical graphite, graphite paper production technology.

(27) A Chinese OEM knitting garment company seeks partnership with British sport and garment brand owners

江苏服装公司寻英国品牌拥有者   201112-006

This textile manufacturer, located not far from Shanghai, makes high quality knitted garments.  It has been the OEM manufacturer for some of the world’s leading sport brands like Nike and Adidas. The company’s knitting garments products are currently exported to the Japanese market.

The company seek partnerships with UK sport brands and garment brand owners, as well as agent and distributors.

(28) Chinese investor seeks to invest in British consumer goods industry

中国投资企业寻求对英国消费品领域品牌生产商或设计商进行投资   201112-007

Chinese investment company seeks to invest in a UK business that meets the following criteria:

1. Main products: consumer goods, garments etc.

2. Reputable brand in its industrial sector with leading position in its niche product category (among the top 10).

3. Number of employees less than 200.

4. It owns the IPR of its designs / products

The company will prefer to invest for controlling stakes but will also consider investment for minority stakes.

The Chinese company has extensive operational capacity in China targeting the enormous demand in the market for branded consumer products.

(29) Chinese Investor seeks to invest in a British manufacturer and R&D businesses within the railway industry

中国投资企业寻求对英国轨道交通领域的生产商或研究机构进行投资   201112-008

The Chinese investors would like to invest in British manufacturers or research institutions meeting the following criteria:

1. The primary business should be rail traffic, subway, elevated railway and railways etc.

2. It should be a manufacturer or research institution with its own intellectual property assets and is among the top 5 in the niche category of its industry.

3. It has a strong research capability on technology or system integration ability which is a leading technology in the rail traffic industry.

4. It should have a staffing level of less than 200.

The Chinese investor would prefer a controlling stake but will consider a minority stake.

The Chinese investor is anticipating the increased demand in the Chinese domestic market and has already established its position with a significant market share.

(30) Chinese  investor is searching for established commercial properties company in one of the UK’s main cities or to acquire a management company of established commercial properties

中国商业企业寻求收购英国中心城市成熟商业物业或拥有成熟商业物业的运营公司   201112-09

The Chinese investor is looking for established commercial properties in key cities in the UK. They would also like to acquire commercial management companies with established commercial properties in their portfolio. The requirements are:

The properties are located in key cities in UK;

Operational track records for years;

With well-established management system;

Minimum size is 53,500 sq. feet.

In case of the management companies the investor will like to acquire controlling stake.

(31) Chinese industrial park in western province seeks investment and cooperation in chemical, coal mining equipment manufacturing project

化工、煤炭采掘设备制造项目   201112-010

Located in a key official Industrial Zone, in a province in the rapidly developing western China, the project is designed for an annual output of 100,000 tons of large special chemical, coal mining equipment and auxiliary equipment production lines and related facilities. The main products are as follows: equipment for chemical reaction, drying equipment, storage equipment, mixing equipment, separation equipment, crushing equipment, fully-mechanized-mining equipment for underground coal mine, fully mechanized digging equipment, coal extracting equipment, mine hoist, surface mining equipment, coal washing and processing equipment.

Construction period :  years

Total investment: $158 million.

Partnership: Wholly own investment, joint venture and cooperation are all welcomed.

(32) Western Chinese central city seeks investment for automotive industrial park (western China)

汽车城项目      201112-011

Located in a key Industrial Zone in one of the key economic centres of western China, the project is planned to accommodate manufacturers to build cars, engineering vehicles, special purpose vehicles and  motorcycles. It will also encourage investment in the cluster of automotive supply industries and support investment in vehicle sales, maintenance & repairs and after sale services.

The auto industry park will have a complete automotive supply chain including vehicle manufacturing, packaging, sale and services.

Total estimate investment:  $1.894 billion (investment can be phased in stages).

Partnership invited: Sole investment, joint venture and other form of cooperation.

(33) Chinese industrial zone seeks investment for a leading manufacturing and trading centre in Western China for electrical and mechanical equipment

机电设备项目   201112-012

The project is located in a designated industrial zone of a western Chinese province.  It has plans to build the biggest centre in western China to accommodate manufacturing and sales, as well as a logistic centre for large electrical and mechanical equipment, mining equipment, engine, wire, cable, optical cable, electricity tools and equipment. Transfer current is one of the modern large-scale professional markets.

At completion the project will become the largest mechanical and electrical equipment trading hub in China’s western region.

Total estimate investment:  $1.262 billion.

Partnership sought: Sole investment, joint venture and other cooperation.

(34) Chinese western city seek investment in photovoltaic industry park project

工业区光伏产业园项目   201112-013

The solar photovoltaic industry park is planned and located in the northwest of a large Industrial Zone and the planed area is about 2 square kilometres (494 acres).

The development plan for the park is to attract the emerging new industries of the solar photovoltaic power generation, encompassing the technologies from the first, second and third generations.

The planned annual production capacity includes 7,000 tons of polycrystalline silicon, 7,000 tons of monocrystalline silicon rods, sections, 750MW solar cell parts and components, a power generation system and a solar power station.

(35) Chinese Railway Construction company seek projects for investment and partnership

中铁工程机械有限公司寻找合作伙伴   201112-018

As a leading manufacturer of the listed China Railway Construction Corporation, the company’s annual turnover is around £35 million. Its main business covers the development, manufacturing and sale of compact rollers and machineries, railway construction machinery, steel structure and concrete products.

The company is seeking to invest in projects of large-scale, hi-tech, profitable and quick return with annual turnover of  more than £5 million in the following sector areas:

1. Mechanical engineering machineries, such as road engineering machinery, pilling machinery and concrete making machinery

2. Mining machinery, old drilling and well maintenance & repairing


3. Equipment for energy and natural resource industries

4. Equipment for tunnel construction

5. Environmental protection and environmental cleaning equipment

6. Fire fighting and emergency rescue equipment

7. Vehicle parking equipment and systems, such as vertical parking

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