What is China’s Road Map to Ease the Covid-19 Restrictions for Foreign business visitors?

Business visit to China has been a challenge in the last three years because the Chinese zero Covid-19 policies. Following the ease of restriction in Hong Kong last month, Chinese State Council just issued a new policy directive on last Friday, effectively with immediate effect, required local authorities to improve COVID-19 prevention focus and management in order to limit their disruptions to normal business and life activities. Some of the measures from the 20 point directive, such as reduction on number of days of quarantine after entry and Covid-19 test before flight are applicable to foreign business visits to the country.

What will the road map and time table toward complete COVID-19 restriction free be like? Join our expert speakers to discuss when and how it is feasible to entry China for business on 29th November 2022 at the free seminar of Doing Business with the Chinese Greater Bay Area of Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao. For further details and registration to book please go to http://GBA.eventbrite.co.uk . To the subscribers of this website, please note this link to the registration page has been changed since the post about the seminar was sent to your email yesterday.

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