City of Zhongshan, Guangdong – A Key Manufacturing Hub of the Chinese Greater Bay Area

Zhongshan is a coastal city located on the west bank of the Pearl River estuary, The Greater Bay Area of Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao.

The west bank of the Pearl River is an area of manufacturing hubs.

With strong manufacturing sectors, Zhongshan are tipped to become a world-class manufacturing base for modern engineering equipment among many other sectors.

Top five of Zhongshan’s industrial sectors produce £45 billion annually

As the geographical centre, massive infrastructure plan will turn it into a regional integrated transportation hub for the Greater Bay Area.

It is also a technology innovation and R&D centre.

It offers a high standard of living environment.


Zhongshan leads the country in a number of industry sectors, including home appliances, garments, electronics, lightings, furniture and hardware. It has over 30 manufacturing production bases of national significance.

Of its fully-fledged home appliance industry clusters, several of home appliance giants, such as TCL and Midea, are leading national brand and international manufacturer.

In the textile and garment sectors, Zhongshan is best known for leisure and denim wear.

Zhongshan is also a key player in the electronics manufacturing and audio electronics sectors.

Zhongshan is known as China’s capital of several manufacturing sectors for its leading manufacturing capacity and established brands, such as China’s Lighting Capital and China’s Rosewood Furniture

The City not only dominates traditional industrial clusters such as locks and gas appliances but also high-tech enterprises (it has 884 high tech companies in 2016).

Zhongshan is to strengthen new sector clusters in innovative electronic & information, biotech & medicine and semiconductor lighting as well as yacht manufacturing.

Zhongshan is looking to further develop cultural services, R&D and design, technology, software, international logistics capabilities, a cross-border e-commerce import platform, and distribution centres for imported goods.

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