Guangdong in UK

Chinese Developers and Household Electric Appliance Makers Seek to work with the UK

A group of leading household electronics makers and property developers from China has visited the UK today and sought to work through LinkToChina with the UK market.

The companies are from the hub of Chinese white goods manufacturing in City of Zhongshan, Guangdong Province.  Partnerships and projects are sought for development project, market entry, agent, distribution, logistic fulfilment, whole sale and marketing and brand development. Read more…

Guangdong Shantou Government Delegation Visited LinkToChina with propositions

Dr Kegang Wu hosts meeting with Vice Mayor of Shantou

Dr Kegang Wu hosts meeting with Vice Mayor of Shantou

Following the major LinkToChina Guangdong and Macao seminar last week, LinkToChina welcomes today a government delegation from the City of Shantou (Swatow), the coastal city in the eastern part of Guangdong Province. Read more…

LinkToChina Guangdong and Macao Seminar

Over 210  delegaes met in London - Thames Valley to further trade and investment partnership

Over 210 delegates met in London – Thames Valley to further trade and investment partnership between UK & Guangdong and Macao

One of the largest visiting Chinese govenment and business delegation from Guangdong & Macao (80+ delegates) are met enthusiastically by over 200 UK companies and organisations in London on 11 November 2013. ” I met some extremely interesting people and thought the speakers were excellent, providing much thought provoking information, I certainly look forward to doing business in China in the future.” Read more …

Largest Guangdong Delegation to visit London – Thames Valley

The Guangdong delegation is visiting the UK to promote the Guangdong (Canton) and Macao. Guangdong (Canton) has been the engine of Chinese economic growth in the last 35 years. It ranks 1st in GDP among all Chinese regions amouting to 1 in 9 pounds of the 2nd largest economy in the world and has done so in the last 24 years. It ranks 1st in import and export in all Chinese provinces amounting to 1 in 4 pounds of the China’s foreign trade. The land of reform frontier is offering great potential for British exporters and importers, inward and outward investment alike. Read more ….

Guangdong Manufacturers Seek to work with the UK

A large group of Chinese businessmen in machinery and equipment sectors visited the UK to seek opportunities in trade and investment.

The 29 strong delegates are all bosses of privately owned businesses from the Guangdong province, where LinkToChina group and its partners campaigned in April this year to promote Thames Valley and UK. Read more …

Guangdong company seek UK partner

The Southern Chinese company is a leading design and manufacturer of precision digital control machines. It is interested in … Read more …

Guangdong Top University ties link with UK

A delegation from Sun Yat-sen University of Guangdong, China, visited the head office of BCC LinkToChina and met with a group of strategic partners… Read more …

LinkToChina/Thames Valley delegation to Guangdong and Beijing

A strong delegation from the UK visited  China in April (13 – 22 April 2013, Beijing and Guangdong) to lure Chinese investment to the UK. The group visited Guangzhou, Shenzhen of Guangdong Province and met both government trade and investment authorities as well businesses in a series meetings, roundtable, seminar and visits designed to promote the UK and Thames Valley… Read more of the success of LinkToChina China Campaign …

10 Cities from Guangdong Province

18 senior officials responsible for the technological work of governments in Guangdong Province are to visit the UK and meet BCC LinkToChina on 3rd April.

The group is interested in investment and technology related trade. The delegates are from the Guangdong’s cities of Guangzhou, Yangjiang, Jiangmen, Foshan, Huizhou, Zhangjiang, Zhuhai, Qingyuan, Shenzhen, Dongguang and Maoming. Read more …

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