Why LinkToChina

British small and  medium sized businesses need direct, exclusive, translated, detailed, creditable, timely,  free or low-cost information about business opportunities in China and vice versa.

Both British and Chinese businesses need in-market local support and turnkey solutions for trade and investment partnerships.

Most SMEs are facing many challenges in operating between the two countries, such as:

  • The time and cost in identifying relevant business
    opportunities and partners
  • Cost in sourcing credible sales leads, quality
    suppliers, agents or distributors
  • The difficulty of accessing valuable market
    information without eyes and ears on the ground
  • The challenge of getting trustworthy advice on
    commercial, accounting, legal, local regulatory, banking, shipping and
    other important matters.

LinkToChina provides a unique market led match-making service specifically developed to help small and medium sized businesses overcome these challenges

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