Chinese Delegates and UK Delegates

Confirmed Chinese delegates to attend the UK-China Business Conference on 17th September 2012 (updated 13th Sept 2012)

Mr. Qiu Jibao                        China Chamber of International Commerce / China Feiyue Group Co., Ltd.

Mr Jia Huai                CCPIT – China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

Ms Zhu Yuefang      CCPIT UK Office

Ms Li Mingyan          CCPIT

Ms Wang Guannan  CCPIT

Mr. Zhang Zhihua   CCPIT UK Office

Mr. Chen Guoqiang            China Feiyue Group Co., Ltd.

Ms. Yu Min                China Chamber of International Commerce

Mr. Wang Xu             China Chamber of International Commerce

Mr. Song Weidong   Jinan Binhe Newzone Construction Investment Group Co., LTD

Mr. Cai Xinji              Jinan Shuocheng Sports Products Co. Ltd

Mr. Zhou Ronglai     Shandong Yongfa investment limited company

Mr. Ye Xinyong        ShanDong Fujian Businessmen Investment Co.,Ltd

Ms. Bao Junhui        Gansu Xiyuan survey planning and design Co., Ltd.

Mr. Wang Baoan      Shanxi Momentum Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

Ms. Qin Qiaoling      Shanxi Momentum Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

Mr. Ma Dewei             Tibet Baiyi Commercial and Trading Co., Ltd.

Mr. Zhang Chao       Sichuan Baiyi Supermarket Management Co., Ltd.

Mr. Lu Zhencai         Sichuan Baiyi Supermarket Management Co., Ltd.

Mr. Wei Xiaoming    Liaoyuan City Baikang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Mr. Hao Guoli                       Beijing Hongrun Hengtong pipeline CO.,LTD

Mr. Xiao Lei               Xi’an Hua Ao Li Kang Bioengineering Co.,Ltd.

Mr. Yang Linzhou    Nanjing Sushang investment & development(group)Co.,LTD

Mr. Gong Weisheng            Nanjing Succo Engineering Co.,LTD

Ms. Yang Zuoqun    Nanjing Succo Engineering Co.,LTD

Mr. Song Xuming     China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shaanxi Sub-Council

Mr. Zhang Jianhua Shaanxi HanCheng Standing Committee of People’s Congress

Mr. Chen Hao           Shanxi Province state asset management limited company

Mr. Cheng Gengli    Shaanxi Sanli Mining Group Co., LTD

Mr. Wang Jianqi       Shaanxi Yuehong Textile Co., LTD

Mr. Gao Yanbin        Shaanxi Zhonghui Coal-to-Chemical Co., LTD

Mr. Xue Fuyin                       Shaanxi Daqian Coal Mining Co., LTD

Mr. Sun Gaicheng   Shaanxi Long Gang Jin Ma Chemical Industry Co., LTD

Ms. Xun Sha                         China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shaanxi Sub-Council

Ms. Li Jie                   China International MICE Co., Ltd

Mr. Zhang Xuexing Taizhou Y&H Shoes Co., Ltd.

Ms. Xu Yufeng         Taizhou Y&H Shoes Co., Ltd.

Ms. Jiang Tao                       Qingdao Hong Baichuan Metal Precision Product Co., Ltd.

Mr. Pang Wei                        Haishihao Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd.

Mr. Yuan Kai             Qingdao Kairit Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Ms. Wang Jing         Beijing Famous Brand Evaluation Co., Ltd.

Ms. Sun Ran                        TCL Corporation Ltd.

Ms. Zhang Xiaoyong           Wuliangye Group Co., Ltd. Yibin Sichuan China

Mr. Ke Chaoqian      Ningxia Risheng Industrial Co., Ltd.

Mr. Zhang Haizhen Ningbo Jinhai Plastic Mould Co., Ltd

Mr. Ma Kecheng       Henan Hengsheng Crane Co.,Ltd

Mr. Xu Guangshan  Henan Hengsheng Crane Co.,Ltd

Mr. Xu Junzeng       Henan Hengsheng Crane Co.,Ltd

Ms. Marie Rui Mai    Silk Road UK

Ms. Hui Ming Zhang           MA in International Tax Law

Ms. Lilith Wang (Msc)          iMAiP Limited

Confirmed UK Delegates (updated 13th Sept 2012)

Alpha Controls  Barry Williams

Alpha Controls  Jerry Singadia

Andersen, Bakker & Leung Ltd   Alex Bakker

Andersen, Bakker & Leung Ltd   Ido  Bakker

Apora Ltd            Ronald Lijs

Baylis Media       Carla Delaney

B P Collins            Simon Deans

BCC LinkToChina / British Chambers of Commerce              Kegang Wu

BCC LinkToChina               Ben Carson

Berkeley-Tax Limited     Raman Patel

Blake Lapthorn  Richard Wade

Blake Lapthorn  Edward Lee

Blake Lapthorn  Nick Arnold

Blake Lapthorn  Gemma Tominey

Bracknell & Wokingham College                Campbell Christie

Bracknell Forest Council                Victor Nicholls

Bracknell Forest Council                Timothy Wheadon

Bracknell Forest Council                Vicki Judd

Bracknell Forest Council                Mike McCabe

Bracknell Forest Council                Jayne Mills

Bracknell Forest Council                David Cook

Bracknell Forest Council                Marc Brunel Walker

Bracknell Forest Council (Prospect Chinese Services Ltd)               Lily Li

Bracknell Forest Council (TVBA) Peter Smith

British Chamber of Commerce   Helen Joannou

British European Design Group  Karin Phillips

Business Keys Ltd            Mike Webb

Business Keys Ltd            John Osborne

Cardinal Events Ltd          Helene Webb

China Daily          Yingni Diao

Chris Baker         Chris Baker

Chris Whitmore Associates          Siyuan Ren

CIP Development Services           Terry Indge

Deriaz Slater LLP               Nigel Woolven

Deriaz Slater LLP               Martin Somers

Forbury Investment Network Yingni Lu

Ford Aerospace & Ford Component        Dou Tsang

Grant Thorton UK LLP    Gary Wong

Grant Thorton UK LLP    JingJing Wang

Haines Watts     Andrew Lee

Hamlyns LLP       Claire Firth

HSBC Bank Plc    Phil Spencer

HSBC Bank Plc    Kathy Ji

HSBC Bank Plc    Amy Xu

HSBC Bank Plc    Ann Wong

HSBC Bank Plc    Nick Raye

HSBC Bank Plc    Tony Shek

HSBC Bank Plc    Chrisoulla Evangelou

HSBC Bank Plc    James Roberts

HSBC Bank Plc    Andrew Brattesani

HSBC Bank Plc    Dylan Davies

HSBC Bank Plc    Ross Qualtors

Hytera Communications Ltd Andrew Yuan

International Media Advertising Ltd        Sohan Singh

Invest in Oxfordshire     Phil Clement

James Cowper  Alan Poole

James Cowper  Sarah Robert

K2 Freight Services          Ghulam Khan

KEE Process Ltd Michae Smith

Knight Frank       Perry Chan

London Borough Havering           Nigel Young

London Borough Havering           Robert Benham

London Chamber of Commerce                Michelle Shi

London Corporate Training          Ian Mann

London Corporate Training          Weijie Fan

ManSys Ltd         Neil  Hoskins

Mediplus Ltd      Bob Urie

MIDAS  Li Hsia Chan

Momentous       Tony Jarvis

Mundays LLP     Fiona McAllister

nortons                Andrew Norton

nortons                Pete Doyle

Penlon Limited  Stephen Moon

Priestmangoode              Paul Priestman

Pure FX Ltd         James Roberts

Pure FX Ltd         Andrew Garstang

Quick Cargo Ltd Rachel Harding

Quick Cargo Ltd Neil  Commerford

Rawlinson and Hunter   Yueling Wei

Rice 2 Ltd             Paul Fowler

Riva Europe        Gary Caswell

SACO Ltd             Jane Cornock

SEGRO  Neil Impiazzi

SEGRO  Gareth Osborn

SEGRO  Paul Lewis

Silk Road UK       Marie Rui Mai

Slough Borough Council                Ruth  Bagley

Slough Borough Council                Tracy  Luck

Slough Borough Council                Shabnam  Ali

Smart Exchange Ltd        Ehsan Tayefi

Smart Exchange Ltd        Azy  Tayefi

STFC Innovations Ltd      Paul Vernon

STFC Innovations Ltd      Karen Lee

Taywell Ice Creams         Alastair Jessel

Thames Trading                Steve Francis

Thames Trading                George Hollier

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce  Anne White

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce  Ginette Gower

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce  Christina Howell

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce  Lucia Hansen

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce  Atif Baig

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce  Paul Briggs

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce  Paul Britton

The Langham London     Kate       Xiong Britton

The Professional Partnership      Fangying Luo

The Relocation Consultancy Ltd Jenny  Hogan

TP-LINK UK Limited         Eric Wang

UHY Hacker Young           Julie Wilson

Viv Sloan Associates Ltd                Viv Sloan

Wagtech Projects            Neil Durham

Wilkins Kennedy              Tim Lawrence

Wilkins Kennedy              John  Natt

Wilkins Kennedy              Kevin Walmsley

Wilkins Kennedy              Matthew  Hall

Wilkins Kennedy              Stephen Grant

Wilkins Kennedy              Naomi Nesbit

Wilkins Kennedy              Adam Merrett

Wilkins Kennedy              David Carey

Wilkins Kennedy              Tommy White

Wilkins Kennedy              Andy Dawbarn

Winkworth Machinery Ltd           Grant Jamieson

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