Chinese SOE firms seek UK business opportunities through LinkToChina

A group of 19 high level business executives from the Chinese province Shanxi visited BCC LinkToChina HQ at the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce in Slough today.

The delegation, consisting of MD’s, CEO’s and CFO’s from among the largest companies in Shanxi,  held talks with LinkToChina on how their companies can expand globally and tap into the opportunities on offer in the UK market. The companies are from a range of sectors including electricity, coal mining and trade, construction, property, investment, and new energy.

They were presented with proposals and propositions from LinkToChina, its partners, members, and subscribers of UK-China Business Bulletins. Linda Penny, Partner of Wilkins Kennedy, gave advice to the group on UK taxation and international tax planning.

Dr. Kegang Wu, Executive Director of BCC LinkToChina, who also briefed the delegates on the UK economic and market conditions, said “Chinese companies’ global expansion has been gathering momentum in the last few years and has just received a timely boost by the 18th CCP Congress last week, at which the policy of investing outside of China was given a significant endorsement by the ruling party’s commitment to ‘speed up the pace of Go Global’”.

“Hundreds of Chinese companies have visited BCC LinkToChina in 2012 to engage with UK businesses and seek opportunities.”


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